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SSHA Course Evaluations

Online course evaluations are conducted using Class Climate, a software shared by the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Office of Undergraduate Education. All course evaluations are conducted anonymously. Additionally, in an effort to preserve the integrity and anonymity of the course evaluation process, SSHA courses with enrollments of 4 or fewer are not evaluated. The course evaluation period occurs during the last two weeks of instruction and ends prior to the first day of scheduled finals.

Prior to the start of the evaluation period, instructors receive an email overviewing the course evaluation process and recommending ways to aim for a high response rate. At the start of the evaluation period, students will receive an email with links to each course’s instructor and TA evaluations to fill out. During the evaluation period, instructors will receive an automated notifications if their course evaluation response rate is below 50%.

Students and instructors will be able to access information regarding their course evaluations by clicking the “Course Evaluation” link in CatCourses. Instructors will be able to see all course evaluations assigned to their courses as well as the current response rates for their course evaluations. Students will be able to see which course evaluations they have completed, and which evaluations are outstanding.

Course evaluation results are distributed to instructors once the evaluation period has ended and all final grades for SSHA courses have been submitted. Instructors will receive one email containing all respective course evaluation reports for the term. Reports include both the instructors’ overall average rating as well as a comparative line of SSHA’s overall average rating for the concurrent term.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Course Evaluation Timeline

Past SSHA Course Evaluations

If you need to request course evaluation reports from previous terms, please complete the Past Course Evaluation Request Form. Our estimated response time is 3-5 business days; however, please note that requests for multiple evaluations may take up to two weeks to complete.