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Scantron Machine Support

Scantron Machine Instructions

SSHA supports and maintains two Scantron machines, located in COB-2 215 – only SSHA instructors and teaching assistants have access to this room. Instructions for how to use the Scantron machines are located in the Scantron room. At this time, SSHA is unable to provide complimentary Scantron forms to instructors; forms are available for purchase at the Campus Store.

For Scantron machine support, help scoring these forms, Scantron machine maintenance (replacing low ink cartridges, providing Item analysis forms, etc.), or for questions about Scantrons, please email

Machine #1 (Green Scantron Machine 882-E)

1. Mark the answer key

  • Mark the key using the same form marked by students
  • Find the key marking row directly above question 1
  • Mark the scoring option you prefer
  • Mark the correct answer to each question

2. Score the test

  • Turn the Scantron machine on using the power switch located on the back-right side of the machine
  • Press Start
  • Feed the answer key
  • Feed the tests one at a time
  • Optional: Run an item analysis form through the machine.
  • Turn the machine off

Instructions can also be found posted on the wall above the machine.

Machine #2 (Red Scantron Forms F-288-PAR-L and F-289-PAR-L)

Machine #2 is used with ParScore Software, which utilizes the ParScore Student Enrollment Sheet (F-288-PAR-L) and the ParScore Test Form (F-289-PAR-L). ParScore software offers comprehensive data tracking and analysis of student results. Instructions for the machine and ParScore software can be found here and beside the computer connected to the scanner.

ParScore does not allow grade results to be imported into CatCourses. The problem stems from the fact that CatCourses’ student records are based on UCM Net IDs (ex. emagana3), while ParScore student records are based on Student ID Numbers. IT has identified a solution to this situation for those who are interested in this feature.

If you are interested using this feature, please contact SSHA Instructional Services Staff will work to set up courses for instructors in ParScore, and then provide instructions, as well as training as needed. Please note, we anticipate a 2-3 business-day turnaround for each request as this feature requires staff time to set-up for each individual course.